Moto Guzzi V65 Lario

It's a bitch!

...but fun to ride!

It's the kid-sister of the MG Le Mans, same design but with the small-block motor.

The Le Mans and the Lario (named after the Moto Guzzi hometown Mandello del Lario) was designed by use of the

factorys own wind tunnel, which should give a higher top speed.

I'll however not challenge the top speed on this old bike!

My bike was first registered in Vicenza and has apparently had

a couple of owners before it was exported to Denmark in 2000.

As reported by several Lario owners, this one also had a valve-break-down. Again, apparently so serious that the one cylinder head had to be welded. All this I know only because the invoices since the import followed the bike when I bought it.

To say that the bike at the time was a wreck is not true. It was kept running, but quite honestly only just.

Since I've been doing some repairs on it, mostly what can be expected from an old girl of 26 Summers, but also a few which make me wonder a bit:

I replaced the starter engine, an old Lucas, with this new one that Stein Dinse is selling.

Valve covers have been removed so often that the threads are gone several places, and then the valve were totally maladjusted.

Never mind. It runs OK today!


  • Motor: 2 cyl. four str. 90°V
  • Displacement: 643 ccm
  • Bore/stroke 80mm/ 64mm
  • 4 valves pr. cylinder
  • 60 BHP 44.7 kW @ 7800 rpm
  • Torque 52Nm
  • Gear 5 speed
  • Cardan drive
  • 189 km/h (DIN)
  • Registered first: Vicenza, Italy, 2 owners
  • Imported to DK: 18.11.2000, then three owners

Copyright Jens Andersen